Artificial intelligence – a trend in the modern world

December 12, 2018
We are now living in a world where modern technology thrives. One of the trending topics in the modern world is artificial intelligence. Many business sectors are adapting to this trend but there are still a few who are skeptical. Artificial intelligence is highly beneficial in various aspects such as the following:
  1. It simplifies the recruitment process – The recruitment process is one of the complex tasks faced by the human resource department. It is a daunting and expensive thing to do. With the help of machine intelligence such as artificial intelligence, this thing is becoming a thing of the past. Modern technology such as artificial intelligence reduces the stress related to the hiring process such as coming up with software that enables the recruitment process to run smoothly. Some of these programs have the ability to track the credentials, qualities, and experiences of candidates.
  2. It removes the repetitive task in the business’s daily operations – Through artificial intelligence and the modern technology, repetitive task in the daily business operations can be handled effectively such as scheduling, canceling, and rescheduling of meetings. Artificial intelligence can also handle recording, transcribing, and sharing notes, which is a big help during meetings and other tasks.
  3. It improves handling issues that have something to do with marketing, sales, and customer service – Some software that uses artificial intelligence technology can help with support outside the company such as assisting the customers in buying goods and services.
  4. It helps in identifying security risk and protection of data – Artificial intelligence including machine learning are a big help to financial institutions such as banks. They play an important role in the identification of security risk and data protection.
  5. It increases productivity – Artificial intelligence can handle other important aspects of business, which overall increases business productivity. Employees can channel their efforts on other important tasks that are beyond the scope of artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence may sound new to many but not for Dov Katz. He is a person who is into modern technology. He graduated with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. Dov Katz has a masters and Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He became the head of computer vision at Oculus; a technology company which was later on acquired by Facebook. Dov Katz is also the founder of Minerva Technologies; a company that develops innovative computer vision and machine learning algorithms that disrupt the traditional brick and mortar shopping checkout experience.